PhD student in Neurolinguistics

National Taiwan Normal University

I am a third-year PhD student in neurolinguistics at the department of English of National Taiwan Normal University, under the supervision of Prof. Chan Shiao-hui and Prof. Elizabeth Zeitoun. My research interests lie in the neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic domains, mostly about sentence processing. I am particularly interested in syntactic and semantic processing, with a focus on the processing of temporality (tense, aspect, modality) in language. Therefore, I conduct my research on Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan Mandarin (among others) for their specifities about temporality.

I am also the lab manager of the Neurolinguistics Lab of National Taiwan Normal University, where ERP experiments about a great variety of language-related topics are conducted, such as language relativity, classifier processing, conceptual categorization, etc.

Last update: 2019/09/25